Me Make Pretty is a design studio located in Los Angeles, CA.

  • 'Ty'

    Hailing from New York, our co-founder and lead designer, Ty, moved across the country to California with one wish, 'to make pretty things'. With a BFA from School of Visual Arts, NYC and a background in set building, furniture making, and 3D printing, Ty is a true design wizard ✨

  • 'Sumi'

    No-one manages quality control and shipping better than Sumi. Her short, 'purr-suasive' temper and sharp claws help keep our standards high. With a background in lizard chasing and sleeping in boxes, she has quickly become a vital part of the MMP family.

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What is PLA Material?

Our 3D Printed Products are made of PLA material (Polylactic Acid, a bioplastic made from fermented plant starch + sugar).

We are a Creatively Sustainable Studio

Whether it's repurposing filament scraps into new creations or utilizing recycled materials in our design process, we prioritize sustainable practices at every step.

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