Meet Champagne and Tyler, the creative force behind Me Make Pretty ✨

Driven by their shared desire to build something of their own, Champagne and Tyler embarked on a remarkable journey to create Me Make Pretty. After years of ‘Making Pretty’ for others, they knew it was time to forge their own path and establish a name for themselves.

The union of their contrasting tastes and expertise became the foundation of Me Make Pretty's distinct allure. Tyler's affinity for modern, minimal, and elevated design perfectly harmonizes with Champagne's appetite for quirky, colorful, and eclectic aesthetics. Together, they create a vibrant tapestry where design knows no boundaries.

From the moment they met, Champagne and Tyler realized they were destined to build a life and a business together. Recognizing their shared passion for self-expression and a burning desire to inspire others, they knew they were meant to create something extraordinary together.

  • 'Ty'

    Hailing from New York, our co-founder and lead designer, Ty, moved across the country to California with one wish, 'to make pretty things'. With a BFA from School of Visual Arts, NYC and a background in set building, furniture making, and 3D printing, Ty is a true design wizard ✨

  • 'Sumi'

    No-one manages quality control and shipping better than Sumi. Her short, 'purr-suasive' temper and sharp claws help keep our standards high. With a background in lizard chasing and sleeping in boxes, she has quickly become a vital part of the MMP family.

  • 'Champagne'

    Co-founder and 'color queen', Champagne brings a splash of sunshine and a pinch of sparkle to Me Make Pretty. With a BA from Cal State Fullerton, CA and a background in photography and design, she fearlessly dances to the beat of her own colorful drum.

  • 'Pony'

    As head of Customer Service & Marketing, Pony's 'cattitude' has become a 'paw-sitive' impact on the MMP team. Her quirky fashion style and choice of nap spots always keeps us smiling. She can regularly be found sun bathing with meow-ijuana on the catio.

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What is PLA Material?

Our 3D Printed Products are made of PLA material (Polylactic Acid, a bioplastic made from fermented plant starch + sugar).

We are a Creatively Sustainable Studio

Whether it's repurposing filament scraps into new creations or utilizing recycled materials in our design process, we prioritize sustainable practices at every step.

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