Care Instructions

How to care for your Me Make Pretty products:

• Indoor use only.

• Wash by hand, not dishwasher safe!

• Keep away from heat sources, and don't leave in car! (I can melt!)

• Hand wash with cool water and mild soap, rinse, air dry.

• 3d printed vases are not watertight!

• FOR VASES: Insert a glass or cup to hold water for fresh plants/flowers.

• Be careful to not spill dark liquids on cork lined products as cork is a porous material and can stain.



Your purchase does not include a BIC LIGHTER. MUST BUY SEPARATE***  (sorry we can't ship lighters as butane can't be mailed.)

• Lighters with wrapped graphics do not fit. These are for plain colored BIC lighters only. Remove the white warning sticker. (keep them 'naked')

• Don't leave me in a hot car!! (I can melt!)

• If Lighter gets stuck, pull out with pliers.


For additional questions about how to care for your Me Make Pretty product, please email us at